Re: [rp-ml] objet

From: Martin Breidt <>
Date: Thu Jun 05 2008 - 00:54:12 EEST

We use an Objet Eden 250 for almost two years now.
The build quality is great but we had severe problems getting large
print jobs done and wasted a lot of material in that process. After
several visits by the service technicians, we now finally have a
reliable system.
Also, make sure you get a good solution for removing the support
material. I feel we were ripped off by the waterjet system we got (not
produced by the same company but recommended) together with the printer.
It's pretty crude in terms of handling and water pressure control
(making it really hard to print delicate objects) and the quality is
rather poor (bent metal pieces, rust after a few months, water leaks).

Martin wrote on 04.06.2008 21:55:
> Does anyone run a objet. We are looking into new RP equip and the
> objet has been mentioned. I have looked at them online and was wondering
> what someone using them thought. Any comments?
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