[rp-ml] RepRap

From: Adrian Bowyer <A.Bowyer_at_bath.ac.uk>
Date: Thu Jun 05 2008 - 01:55:01 EEST

I hope that the list will forgive a little self-publicity.

The RepRap machine has just achieved self-replication - details on the
website at


and on the blog at


I now expect all those who said here when we started that it couldn't
be done to start eating hats or whatever other self-abasement they
then rashly promised :-)

Also, reprapper nophead is working on part quality*. The list may care to
look at what he's doing at


*Which, interestingly, we have discovered we don't much need for  
replication, though it's obviously desirable for other engineering and  
aesthetic reasons.  We need neither precision, nor repeatability, nor  
even much reliability for successful replication.  We just need  
geometric complexity.  I suspect that this will surprise engineers,  
but not biologists.
Best wishes
Dr Adrian Bowyer
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