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Call for participation : "3D, Science et Patrimoine Culturel / 3D, Science
and Cultural Heritage"
Cher amis de la RP-ML,
Our non-profit association ARS MATHEMATICA is currently preparing an
exhibition + conference on the topic: "3D, Science et Patrimoine Culturel / 3D,
Science and Cultural Heritage". Here is the short introduction to our event,
scheduled from 19th to 23th of November, at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des
Arts et Métiers de Metz (Moselle, Lorraine, France):
The simultaneous progress of computing, also of physics and chemistry have
modified since about three decades the study and the restoration or the
reconstitution of the artistic heritage. Archeology, applied to objects, to
architecture and to the techniques of the past, has particularly benefited from new
refinements in the analysis of materials, their use and workmanship since
prehistory up to the 20th century (industrial archeology).
The most spectacular aspect of the use of computing for this sort of
cultural heritage is, without doubt, the creation of 3D images and animations which
open a dynamic window on the past. This is very attractive for the public,
but also very useful for the specialist in view of the validation,
reconstitution, restoration, replication, etc. Moreover, the data collected and
translated by various instruments and machines connected to the computers, can create
digital archives which will allow the expert to manipulate virtual objects,
without any risk, even through the web. These archives can safeguard a
heritage liable to disappear (for example, the Buddhas of Bamiyan and the frescoes
of Assisi which have already been destroyed by man or by cataclysm). In our
event, open to everybody, we would like to present the main technologies, at
present in use for the analysis, the reconstitution and the archiving of the
cultural heritage, especially in the domain of the materials and the 3D.
Concrete examples will be presented in the exhibition and specialists -
archaeologists, historians, computer scientists, physicists, chemists, engineers - will
present their works through lectures.
We will close the list of the contributors/speakers around the 15th of July.
We are specially seeking for labs/people involved in creating RP models of
archaeological/historical pieces/buildings - i.e. from small objects to
Bien cordialement.
Christian LAVIGNE, Ars Mathematica, _lavigne@intersculpt.org_

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