RE: [rp-ml] Painting SLA Parts for Outdoor Use

From: Sean Wise <>
Date: Fri Jul 25 2008 - 23:53:45 EEST

Re. Adrian's request,

I wrote the following message to Chuck Huizinga:


Have you considered plating your parts for outdoor use? It will make the
parts much stiffer and stronger and more stable to thermal and moisture
exposure. We'd be happy to do a sample for you that fits within a 6x6x2"

Sean Wise


Copper and nickel electroplating (or almost any metal coating) is completely
opaque and a very good moisture barrier so the coating will protect the
parts from the environment. Most of our customers use the parts we coat in
engineering testing (probably in-doors) but I know a few need to use the
coated parts in hot-humid out-door enviroments. If the parts need to be
painted for appearance sake, a paint/primer system that is suitable for
stainless steel will work well over the nickel top coat.

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Quoting Chuck Huizinga <>:

> Has anyone painted SLA parts for outdoor use/exposure? What is the best
> paint to use? Alternatively, is there a better RP method/material for
> outdoor use?
> Please respond off list.

Actually, I'd rather like to know too. I vote for respond to the list.

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