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From: Bob Olsen <>
Date: Sat Jul 26 2008 - 01:08:54 EEST

Agreed, a lot of this information is useful and interesting. Cheers,


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Dear RPML'ers,
We seem to be moving into a new phase where many rp-ml emails are asking
for responses off list - surely this is missing the point of the mailing
list. My view would be that the person replying should be the one to
decide whether the content is appropriate for public or private viewing.
Many emails, although not directly relevant to my work, are of general
interest no matter how obscure some may be. It is often good to see
what other people are doing / interested in by the questions they ask
and the questions they reply to. Am I the only one thinking this way?
Please respond on list!
Dr Carl Hauser
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