RE: [rp-ml] KR / BR challenge mail

From: Phil Iehle <>
Date: Wed Aug 06 2008 - 22:10:21 EEST

Seems I cannot post as well. So I will reply to the subject below:

The challenge mail (please verify who you are) is from someone who has anti-spam black/white listing - and is signed up to the list. Anyone who posts to the list should get the same challenge. This is to prevent any automated mail (like listservers) from being received unless they are on the person's white list. This person probably has not applied the correct address (for the rpml) to their white list.
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  I have had several personal emails telling me that other user's are having the same issues.


  It's funny, they had to send it to me and not the list. well since they can't post to the list you see.


  Here is what I have found out:


  . First, I am not the only one who is having issues.


  . Second, I think that its an authorization issue.

  o For instance, sometimes I will get emails from That ask me to verify who I am. Well in the past I thought this was a phishing scam so I never replied to it, especially since the beginning of the email is in Korean (I am assuming).

  o I will also get an email from This asks me to verify my identity as well. The beginning of this email I think is in Brazilian.


  . I sure it's just me, but the directions in either email is difficult to understand. So That is why I was confused.


  . Third, if you have multiple email accounts .make sure your using the email account you signed up with.


  . I am not familiar with this sort of verification when posting to a mailing list so that is another reason I was confused.


  . And lastly, before you ask... Like I said, I can only reply to someone else's posting. Then I change the subject line, erase all the body, take the original poster's email out of the to section and then go.


  I hope this helps get others to post more easily.





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