[rp-ml] SLS coating - what's your preference?

From: <jay.jozwiak_at_valeo.com>
Date: Wed Sep 10 2008 - 16:35:13 EEST


For the last few years that I have been making SLS parts, the method used
by the company that I work for is to apply a two-part, high-temp epoxy for
SLS coating via paintbrush. I would prefer to go the way of an automotive
type, spray-on clear coat but have run into too many roadblocks (mainly
cost for installing the proper ventilation required). I would like to
hear your feedback on your preferred method of coating SLS parts. The
two-part epoxy just isn't cutting it anymore. With higher workload and
downsizing of the department workforce, it is just to labor intensive to
use the two-part epoxy. It takes way too long to dry and eventually
becomes difficult to apply once the two parts begin to cure. I just tried
coating a part with some fast drying polyeurathe that we had laying around
so I will see how that works.

FYI - the majority of the parts that I am coating are for automotive HVAC
assemblies, so they will be subject to temperatures between 40F - 170F and
will also be subject to humidity and condensation.

Thanks in advance for the input.


Jay Jozwiak
Prototype Technician
Valeo Climate Control
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