RE: [rp-ml] Low Cost 3D Scanning

From: David DeVowe <>
Date: Thu Jan 08 2009 - 17:22:29 EET


We perform a lot of scans that are well under $500. Most of the cost
however is in post-processing (that is producing the parametric file,
creating a NURBS surface, etc.). It's all dependent on what you need to
do next with the file that drives a large portion of the cost. As an
example, if you want a scan of the 25 cm x 2.5 cm object compared to an
existing CAD model, the cost would be $378. Developing a new CAD model
from the scan would add cost to the project, depending on the complexity
of the shape.


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Subject: [rp-ml] Low Cost 3D Scanning


Most of the 3D scanning that we have done in the past has been
relatively expensive (e.g., $1000 per object).
Does anyone on the list know where the scanning that can be done by a
service bureau for less money. We are looking for a service bureau
that can scan 25 cm by 2.5 cm objects.




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