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What type of data were you being sent for the $1000 per object? We offer 3D scanning as a service bureau and our costs are dependent on what level of refinement or format you want.

Our lowest cost option would be to send you data directly from our scanning software. We can directly output watertight stl, obj, stp, iges and other formats, but the detail and completeness of the 3d model will be dependent on the geometry that is being scanned. If there are sections of the object that the laser cannot hit, there will be missing data in that area.

We have a few different pieces of software that work with our scanners to refine these areas. If the object has dimensional aspects that need to be held, we use a software to reverse engineer the part to a fully defined CAD model with full design tree that can usually be imported directly into your design software.

If the object is much like the cherub on the site you attached, we can use our free form sculpting software to refine these areas, which adds cost to the base scan, but is lower cost than reverse engineering.

In general, Looking for 3D scanning service Bureaus is much like finding the right Additive technology to use. If you have a part the size you are mentioning, but send it to a company that normally scans full size jets (bit of an exaggeration) they will probably charge you more because they may be using equipment that is overkill for what you need. Much like asking for an SLS part when all you really need is z-corp.

I hope I helped a little in what to look for at scanning companies and what to ask to make sure you are only getting what you really need.


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> Most of the 3D scanning that we have done in the past has been relatively expensive (e.g., $1000 per object).
> Does anyone on the list know where the scanning that can be done by a service bureau for less money.? We are looking for a service bureau? that can scan? 25 cm by 2.5 cm objects.

You could put quite a few of these:

together for $1000, and never need to spend a cent again...

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