Re: [rp-ml] Low Cost 3D Scanning

From: Andrew Werby <>
Date: Thu Jan 08 2009 - 20:53:24 EET wrote:
> Most of the 3D scanning that we have done in the past has been
> relatively expensive (e.g., $1000 per object).
> Does anyone on the list know where the scanning that can be done by a
> service bureau for less money. We are looking for a service bureau
> that can scan 25 cm by 2.5 cm objects.
> Doug

Hi Doug;

[That sounds pretty expensive - was this a reverse
engineering process, where features had to be
rebuilt to tight tolerances based on the scan data?

If so, I can understand why it would cost that
much. But if all you need is a surface scan and
your tolerances aren't too critical, then the
Roland LPX-series laser scanners might be
something that would solve your problem. Objects
the size you mention would fit in the LPX-60;
there's also a LPX-600 that's bigger. The LPX-60
lists for $7995, but I could give you a better
deal on one. Or, alternatively, you could send me
your parts for scanning - I typically charge about
$200 for a scan done on the LPX-600.]

Andrew Werby
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