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From: Brock Hinzmann <>
Date: Tue Jan 13 2009 - 19:18:25 EET


I think one of the interesting business concepts behind direct digital
manufacturing, which might be a production shop serving local consumers,
is that the direct is not only direct from CAD to CAM, but direct from
designer-consumer to production and delivery. Indeed, one of the
interesting concepts behind your work is that anyone, anywhere, could
build a production machine and accept designs from anywhere. In answer
to Steve's question, yes, I think such shops are likely to also have CNC
production equipment of various kinds as options and as combinations
that can be knock out pieces for easy assembly (and disassembly). While
India and China certainly have huge potential demand and labor cost
advantages, local manufacture and niche manufacturing could make a
comeback in post-industrial countries and could be competitive, based on
local knowledge of consumer needs and preferences, lower transportation
costs for finished goods, and perhaps even lower waste and cost of material.

There are a lot of ifs. But we are beginning to see a few entrepreneurs
take a shot at it.

Brock Hinzmann

Adrian Bowyer wrote:
> Rob Kiser wrote:
>> Can we get the results broken down geographically. 60 some percent of all
>> Rapid Prototyping systems reside in North America where the technology was
>> invented by 3D Systems. Thanks.
> This would be interesting. But not, I think, useful as a predictor for the
> future, when most 3d Printing ( :-) ) systems will be in China, India etc.
> Best wishes
> Adrian
> Dr Adrian Bowyer
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