RE: [rp-ml] International Terminology Standards

From: Elaine Hunt <>
Date: Thu Jan 15 2009 - 20:47:15 EET

I have spent a few days on the side line listening to the conversation thinking that I was caught in a time warp and it was the 1990s.  We have discussed, cussed, and flamed our way through the naming game until we were sure it was settled. Maybe the technology is far too broad for one moniker to take it all in.
What I have learned since I am no longer part of the close knit RP group..we dummies need a simple name to attach to technology.... PC, WII, Unix, Internet, Inkjet, to name a few. May the name does not really explain the technology, GNU or Windows as an examples but put a name on the technology so ordinary people understand where it applies.
Now that I work with K-5 to 6th grade children I am even more aware of using simple language to explain any topic. Children are more realistic than we older adults and apply names as real explanations of their reality.  I use 3D printing as my language since they grasp the underlying use of a printer and then seeing a real article produced they quickly tie the name with the technology. Same applies with the elder population where advanced knowledge of technolgy is missing. 
Also as the technology develops into its segmentations each group of technies will name it, help embelish the name, and education others about using it. Also the same machine that does pure manufacturing will not be the same machine that sits in an enginnering office spitting out models. Maybe the place to start is what makes these magic machines similar and move from there.
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