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From: Brock Hinzmann <>
Date: Sat Jan 17 2009 - 08:30:31 EET

Dear Elaine,

You asked me a similar question a dozen or more years ago. I recall
answering in an email in the form of a poem. What would I like to make
if I had a machine in my home? What would a machine have to do? Where
might I go to get some help? Basically, I would say no progress has been
made on metal parts. No progress has been made on solid-model CAD. No
progress has been made on customized health/medical/physical-assistance
products from laser-scanning, X-ray, MRI, or other data visualization
inputs. I was also anticipating a number of developments in advanced
materials, LEDs, printed electronics, and smart materials that have not
fully materialized. I re-send the poem and I'll let others judge as to
whether we are any closer:

Buttons and bows and things that glow
Cups and plates and things that I break
Custom containers and boxes for lovers
Onion-skin packages that peel back to uncover
Hidden gadgets and pageants of glitter and flutter.

Golf club covers and ball mark repair tools
To give away to friends and fools
Who lose such things as a normal rule
Orthotic running shoe inserts, just for my feet
Or maybe new soles that are neater than neat.

Levers and knobs that fall off of the car
Fasteners in the garage that I now keep in a jar
And anything else I canít find when I want it
And canít remember the last place I bought it
But can get on the Internet from someone whoís got it.

Just download that file from Tony or Elaine
Of a sailboat or whistle or a puzzle-type game
Listed on their personal Web site for free
Or maybe I might have to pay a small fee
But a lot less trouble and searching for me.

Everyone will be doing this before long
And then mass production of things will be gone
And the computer networks will really be busy
People selling their files as intellectual properties
To the Hallmarks and Time-Warners and even the Disneys.

I dashed off this poem on a Friday afternoon, U.S. time, which you
distributed on the RP-ML, before I headed off to Brisbane for an
Australian conference on rapid product development. Someone from Perth
had printed out the poem and placed copies on the publications table by
Sunday (less than 30 hours later). Not that I'm a great poet, but I
think a lot of people were inspired by the technology and had high hopes
that have not been fulfilled. In spite of the lack of revolution, I
continue to be inspired by the evolution.

Brock Hinzmann
Technology Navigator

Elaine Hunt wrote:
> I left the RPMl about 5 years ago and decided this week to re-join to
> see just where the technology had moved. I was shocked to see the
> naming debate was still a topic however it is an interesting one and
> seems to be based on just how individuals interact with the technology.
> I came back to RPML to learn more and catch up so here are my questions:
> This June will be the 20th year since I first trained at 3D Systems.
> How many of the real
> Dinasaurs are still lurking about?
> What can you do with the technology today that you could not do...
> 20 years ago?
> 10 years ago?
> 5 years ago?
> What do you want to the able to do in
> 5 years?
> 10 years?
> 20 years?
> What if anything is keeping you from being able to achieve this need?
> What has surprised you the most about the technology?
> Elaine
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