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Date: Sat Jan 17 2009 - 14:01:47 EET

Hi Steve and RP-ML members,

Regarding recent discussions on Jet-Wax materials and their compatibility with Solidscape waxes I draw your attention to some photos of binary mixtures between Jet-Cast, InduraCast, BlueCast2, and ProtoBuild; and also Jet-Fill, InduraFill and ProtoSupport. These pictures are located at:

The photographed mixtures are all 50%-50% combinations by weight.

These experiments can be performed by anyone with a hotplate and a thimble-sized quantity of the materials. It can be found that there are no intrinsic problems in mixing Jet-Wax materials with any of their respective Solidscape wax counterparts.

Also note that there are no intrinsic problems of "self-compatibility" between Solidscape materials. For example, adding InduraCast to ProtoBuild or BlueCast2 won't turn into cement or destroy your jets. Solidscape "converts" machines to InduraCast for a few thousand dollars each. They drain the tanks (so that the new color dominates) and change some inexpensive filters in a 1-hour job at most. It is unnecessary, but lucrative, and supported by a fear campaign.

You correctly identified issues in using InduraFill with ProtoBuild. This is because ProtoBuild is quite brittle, curls, and has poor adhesion to InduraFill. You could fix this by, for example, adding around 20% BlueCast2 to the ProtoBuild. Regarding ProtoBuild and InduraCast, I have jetted mixtures of the two (~25% InduraCast content) without a problem.

Jet-Wax materials have been extensively tested and build models as good as Solidscape technology is capable of. If anyone wants some free sample satchels for performing their own material compatibility experiments then please email us.


Kind regards,

The Jet-Wax Laboratories Team.


Jet-Wax Laboratories

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