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From: Doug Mitchell <>
Date: Tue Jan 20 2009 - 13:07:07 EET

Dinosaur! That describes me. I went to SLA-1 training in October 1988. I was originally scheduled to go in April, but my boss wanted me to complete a project before jumping into SLA. I started part time on RP in October 1987, making presentations to get funding to support the SLA project. I worked with another dinosaur, Pete Sferro! Here it is more than 21 years later, and I am still involved with Rapid Technologies. Doug Mitchell   ________________________________ From: Elaine Hunt <> To: Sent: Friday, January 16, 2009 11:49:52 AM Subject: [rp-ml] RP and Me I left the RPMl about 5 years ago and decided this week to re-join to see just where the technology had moved. I was shocked to see the naming debate was still a topic however it is an interesting one and seems to be based on just how individuals interact with the technology. I came back to RPML to learn more and catch up so here are my questions: This June will be the 20th year since I first trained at 3D Systems. How many of the real Dinasaurs are still lurking about? What can you do with the technology today that you could not do... 20 years ago? 10 years ago? 5 years ago? What do you want to the able to do in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? What if anything is keeping you from being able to achieve this need? What has surprised you the most about the technology? Elaine
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