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From: lloyd pasach <>
Date: Wed Jan 21 2009 - 17:56:52 EET


Rather than a dinosaur I prefer to think of myself as Cenozoic Era
challenged, after all 65 million years old is the new 55 million.

To answer your question I am amazed at the slowness of progress in
the field, I think the slowness stems form 2 sources.

1. I think for one thing that the R & D capital is not there to
create the next generation of machines which it seems to me would
need to rely on new technology.

2. I think that where there may be the capital there is not enough
genuine creativity among inventors working in the field. (there tend
to be incremental improvements to existing technology not true innovation)

The are exceptions one possible exception is the process used by
Prometal but why can't this be improved to the point where it is
cheap and smooth surfaces are possible?

I work in mostly in jewelry, and use primarily Solidscape and I do
get excellent reliable results in my final products, nevertheless all
of the RP methods are too slow, I am not an engineer but I can think
at least one subtractive method that would be extremely expensive to
develop yet extremely fast using a combination of existing
technologies that has never even been tried and one additive method
requiring the development of a honeybee like print head technology.

Lloyd Pasach

At 11:49 AM 1/16/2009, you wrote:
>I left the RPMl about 5 years ago and decided this week to re-join
>to see just where the technology had moved. I was shocked to see the
>naming debate was still a topic however it is an interesting one and
>seems to be based on just how individuals interact with the technology.
>I came back to RPML to learn more and catch up so here are my questions:
>This June will be the 20th year since I first trained at 3D Systems.
>How many of the real
>Dinasaurs are still lurking about?
>What can you do with the technology today that you could not do...
>20 years ago?
>10 years ago?
>5 years ago?
>What do you want to the able to do in
>5 years?
>10 years?
>20 years?
>What if anything is keeping you from being able to achieve this need?
>What has surprised you the most about the technology?
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