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From: Jim McMahon <>
Date: Mon Jan 26 2009 - 19:10:12 EET

The drop-on-demand ’glass’ jet was invented by Steve Zoltan in the late 50’s
or in early 1960’s. I worked with and was close friends with Steve at Exxon
Office Systems in Brookfield, Ct as a junior scientist and physics
development technician and got my first Patent on an Improved Ink Jet System
on June 21, 1983. I left Exxon and joined R.H. Research or later Howtek,
Inc., in Hudson NH when I worked exclusively on developing this glass jet
and improved it to deliver uniform size drops over a 1 – 10KHZ frequency
range using a water-glycol solution. Howtek developed the wax base materials
in the late 1980’s that many people are trying to imitate or improve today.
Does anyone remember the Pixelmaster or Brailmaster Printers (3D wax
characters on paper)? I specified and tested many water, oil and wax-based
materials in glass as well as Teflon molded nozzles that were invented at
Howtek and molded by Kempton. My wife Kathy is on the Patent for slicing
Teflon to make ‘orifices’. Time passed and the Technology migrated to
Sanders Prototype, Inc and BPM and you know the rest of the story. Kempton
learned a lot on his own and I helped when he asked for help. I agree he is
an excellent source for jets, materials and information related to all
ink-jet prototype machines. I now run Layer Grown Model Technology Services
and specialize in helping those with any problems in ‘any’ ink-jet prototype
machines. (Yes, I keep busy as you all know)

I’d like to also add my vote in the terminology discussion and cast a vote
for “Layer Grown Manufacturing”. I hope I am not to late on casting this

I welcome Elaine Hunt back from wherever she was.

I also agree with many that the “Rapid Prototype Technology” is “Not Rapid”
and is over-priced and farther behind the dreams I had for it when I first
started working in the field in the 1979 at Exxon Office Systems. The
materials are mostly holding things back, I think. But then again a good ice
storm requires time to build up before it makes an impression on us.

Jim McMahon
Layer Grown Model Technology

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FYI Sanders/Solidscape Users..

Kempton Philbrook is contracting directly again. Many know him as one of
the fathers of Solidscape Technology and THE jet printhead expert.

What you may not know is that he has 3 patents in the RP field, and they
have been the basis for the formation of Sanders Prototype & Sanders Design
International, Inc., (Sanders Prototype reorganized in 2002 to become

He left Solidscape a few months ago, and is again a great and trusted source
for jet and line repairs, & build and support materials. We have been using
his services and jetting his materials for around 4 or 5 years now.

Google his name for any additional info you might need or see <>

Hope this is of benefit to you,
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