[rp-ml] 3D Displays for RP

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Date: Thu Jan 29 2009 - 03:24:12 EET

The following is a summary from the Consumer Electronics Show:

"This is the year of 3-D, with all the same TV manufacturers showing off
a variety of displays that either work with glasses or create a
3-D-like effect automatically on screen. Dozens of movies and video
games are in the works that take advantage of improvements in
3-D-display technology. Indeed, Jeffrey Katzenberg, whom Stringer
introduced as the "John the Baptist of 3-D," was in full proselytizing
mode, working the convention-center floor and giving interviews.
Katzenberg has staked his DreamWorks Animation's future on the
technology; it's the first studio to be creating all its movies in 3-D
from here on in, with Monsters vs. Aliens, due out in March,
DreamWorks' first native 3-D movie. To promote it, DreamWorks, in
conjunction with Pepsi and Intel, this week began giving out free 3-D
glasses at grocery and convenience stores nationwide. Katzenberg said
that more than 120 million pairs will be on store shelves in time for
Super Bowl XLIII. You'll be able to use the glasses to watch a 3-D
commercial at halftime, as well as an episode of the NBC comedy Chuck on Feb. 1. (The anaglyph
glasses look like the old red/green 3-D movie glasses of yore but are
much improved; 3-D movies use an even better technology, with
hard-plastic polarized lenses that theaters will hand out.)"

Do you think that this emergence of 3D displays will have a significant role in the RP business?

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