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From: Jeff Demand <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 2009 - 22:40:30 EET

I don't run a print type machine just mills. But I love the heat aspect, my
second floor office has no heat other than what drifts up the stair way.
Outright chilly in the morning but running just a computer gets it
comfortable in an hour or so. Granted if the outside temp goes above 20
C I have to run the AC. I know how much power goes into my desk top mills
and am quite happy to keep them in the basement where the heat / noise is
not a concern.

Marketing hype for pencil pushers who have to read the instructions to plug
in a toaster :-)


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On 1/29/2009 at 8:34 AM Bob Olsen wrote:

>Jeremy, fun read / rant, thanks!
>All these companies over hype, it's in the DNA of marketing types, they
>just can't help it. I know when we passed out 3D SLA Accura 60
>announcements to our customers we had many requests for this new
>"polycarbonate" SLA material.
>Spent a lot of time explaining A-60 no where near PC in typical
>properties, no matter what the 3D spec sheet said. Cheers, bob
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>Of Jeremy Pullin
>Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2009 6:06 AM
>Subject: [rp-ml] Dimension uPrint.
>Am I missing a vital point here or something. Dimensions new machine the
>uPrint talks a lot about breaking the 15,000 barrier but I really don't
>see the great significance of that particular figure or 'barrier' as they
>call it. Surely the important barriers to break down are those that take
>the technologies from an industrial to a consumer market. Don't get me
>wrong I am a big fan of Dimension machines and we have an SST machine here
>which just bangs on brilliantly but I think that Stratasys have over-hyped
>this as so often seems to happen in the RP/RM/whatever we're calling it
>today industry. This machine is not significantly cheaper than the
>existing Dimension machines and when I say that I mean it's not
>significant in terms of opening it up to new markets as the release of a
>1,000 machine would be.
>The claim that designers will no longer have to wait in queues because
>there will be one of these machines at the sides of their desks is
>hysterical over selling. Is any company seriously going to buy 30 or 40 of
>these things at 15,000 each or simply buy a couple of the conventional
>dimensions for a few thousand dollars more each? The other thing that
>makes me laugh is the claim that this is an office machine. Yes its small
>enough to fit on a desk I get that but from an environment point of view
>the constant noise of the fan and the heat gain of such machines mean that
>I wouldn't want one near my desk thanks. For the offices of super rich
>companies who are looking to waste a few hundred thousand dollars to
>prevent their poor designers having to queue up for centralised machines
>(the poor loves) and only employ deaf designers who work in offices with
>supercharged air conditioning, there is still the matter of the ultrasonic
>tanks running away dissolving the supports. These sort of features seems
>to have been conveniently missed in all the advertising blurb that I have
>read about the new machines. The noise, smell and mess of these things are
>not suited to offices any more than an axe wielding office cleaning lady
>during that 'hormonal time of the month' who has garlic breath as a
>serious flatulence problem.
>It looks like a cool machine and is a welcome addition to what is already
>a cool range of machines but please stop over-hyping such products and
>talking about breaking fictitious and meaningless barriers. When there is
>a machine that is the size of an office printer with the environmental
>impact of an office printer and for the price of an office printer (call
>it 1,000 for convenience sake) that will be a barrier broken (that's
>VFlash out on all counts then). When there is such a machine that costs
>less than $400 it will break another barrier, as the vision that so many
>people keep banging on about these technologies appearing in peoples homes
>will become a possibility. Mind you with suppliers talking about being
>able to produce any shape you want, boy are those consumers in for a big
>disappointment when they get it home.
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