Re: [rp-ml] Master Patterns for Spin Casting Molds

From: M.Ferhat Dag <>
Date: Sat Mar 21 2009 - 10:47:05 EET

Dear Doug,

Please check the website for USA and for Europe.

When you check these websites; you will see that RP TemperingT is the combination of nano composite materials and engineered layering techniques which is used to further increase mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties of RP parts.

You will get high temp improvements for many different RP materials with RP Tempering(TM). It is very easy to apply and cost effective.

Test results demonstrate that tempered FDM PC/ABS material passes the complete spectrum of UL94 Burn Tests Criteria at the highest level.

An example for ABS material;

Test Averages Standard ABS Hi-Temp ABS

Heat Deflection 232* F degrees 403* degrees
Heat Resistance 375* F degrees 750* degrees

Hot Wax Resistance Fair Excellent

Visual Surface Finish Fair Good



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  We have come across a Stratasys paper that states the use of their FDM PC or PPSF materials are suitable for making master patterns for spin casting, because these materials can handle temperatures up to 350 degrees F and pressures up to 3500 psi.
  What other materials are available in the RP world that can compete with PC or PPSF for making master patterns for spin casting?


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