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From: Terry Wohlers <>
Date: Tue Mar 24 2009 - 17:48:18 EET

Hi Yaser,

The worldwide market for 2007 was an estimated $1.14 billion, as published in Wohlers Report 2008. Note that this estimate includes not only products and services associated with prototyping, but also other applications of the technology, including models, patterns, tools, custom and limited edition products, short-run and full production runs, jigs and fixtures, drill guides, other manufacturing and assembly tools, education, and research. Did I miss anything? The estimate for 2008 will become available in May when Wohlers Report 2009 is published.


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  I was wondering if someone could give me an estimation of RP market size.

  Yaser Shanjani
  Rapid Prototyping Laboratory
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