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Hi rp-ml members


Just subscribed to rp-ml for the first time so.. in case I can be of help to anyone and to introduce myself I give the following info. plus my take on the terminology for RP models.



In late '79, early '80 my partner and I pioneered Polyurethane casting, specifically into Polyurethane tooling. We called both the company and the process Rim-Cast. The world caught on to the term and Rim-Casting in its original and later much copied styles became a widely used and popular process. (Imitation is the sincerest form of......and all that stuff.)

We, however, pushed the envelope way beyond the competition on size, complexity and quantity, with complex projects such as the washing machine drums, slot machine consoles, automotive air-filter cases, many hundreds of sets of moldings from 'match-box to suit-case' sized for military use in virtual warfare situations, plus the first 400 complete sets of video conferencing computers. (These were prototypes for product launch, later intended to be replaced by injection molded items but the Polyurethane items stood the usage and were not replaced for their entire lifetime.)


The Terminology Debate about 3D Modeling - (ALP)

As soon as the early Additive Layering Processes (ALP) (that is the terminology I particularly favour as being the most descriptive and succinct. It also steers away from the restrictive areas of - Prototyping/Fabrication/Manufacturing etc.) emerged with SLA and all the subsequent derivatives and alternatives that you are all now well familiar with, they were seized on by Rim-Cast as the ideal way to go from. CAD - to Model - to Tooling.

Many hundreds of ALP generated models were purchased by our company from the proliferation of Bureaux and agencies. We were very heavy users of the technology but chose not to operate in-house machines as the technology was moving too fast.


The company Rim-Cast was later sold but the original process still operates as a division of another plastics molding outfit with which I still have contact.


If any questions crop up ref. PU casting from ALP models I will try to be of assistance.


Ex Rim-Casting Guru and now Freelance Writer


Tony Sands

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