RE: [rp-ml] What would your story be?

From: Elaine Hunt <>
Date: Fri Apr 17 2009 - 22:21:17 EEST

You did write the first RP book that should be the starting point for all who seek to understand the business from its beginning.  Hope your future endeavors are successful!

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Hi Elaine,
            My “RP” story is told at . It looks like I posted that in 2003 and it could use some updating. But really, not much has changed except that I’ve turned my focus elsewhere.
            It’s good to hear from you. You played an important role in my story, helping my team vet ideas for the fabber we were working on. I appreciated your participation, as well as the leadership role you played in the whole industry.
Best regards,
Marshall Burns

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If you had 2 minutes to tell your RP story what would it be?  I am looking for special stories to add to a presentation about the technology. Also am looking for either pictures or RP parts that could be used. I miss my RP petting zoo that I had at Clemson.


I know after 20 years there much be some interesting stories to tell.





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