[rp-ml] Jet-Wax G2 materials for Solidscape 3D printers

From: <sales_at_jet-wax.com>
Date: Mon May 11 2009 - 20:27:49 EEST

Dear RP-ML

Jet-Wax is pleased to announce the release of our 2nd Generation BUILD and SUPPORT materials for use in all types of Solidscape 3D printers. We believe that these new materials have properties superior to Solidscape’s own Indura material system, namely:

- Jet-Wax SUPPORT has better adhesion to build material and significantly less curl than InduraFill. As a result there is no lower-surface chipping or cracking of delicate features when de-waxing.

- Jet-Wax BUILD is stronger and tougher than InduraCast, resulting in fewer accidental breakages.

- Jet-Wax SUPPORT now has a higher softening temperature for improved cutting in warmer environments.

Photographs of comparisons between Jet-Wax and Indura materials are shown on our updated website www.jet-wax.com. A curl test, performed by solidifying one gram each of molten Jet-Wax SUPPORT and InduraFill on an aluminium plate, shows that InduraFill curls significantly while Jet-Wax SUPPORT remains flat. Similar results to a lesser extent are seen with the build materials. This property of Indura materials results in occasional delamination between build and support layers, resulting in chipped underside surfaces, as apparent in Solidscape’s own photographed test results (reproduced on our website). Jet-Wax does not exhibit this problem.

Jet-Wax is now sold in 500mL volumes at no additional cost. A bottle of Jet-Wax BUILD is $75, compared to InduraCast at $190.53 per bottle – a saving of $115.53 per bottle for the same quantity. Similarly, a bottle of Jet-Wax SUPPORT is $70 compared to InduraFill at $127.87, a saving of $57.87 for the same quantity. Further, with Jet-Wax the shipping of additional bottles is free worldwide.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the new 2nd Generation Jet-Wax materials.

Jet-Wax Laboratories
web: www.jet-wax.com
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