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From: Yasser Hosni <>
Date: Tue May 12 2009 - 21:33:59 EEST

Mr. Borille:
At the Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of
Central Florida (UCF) in Orlando, FL. we have been teaching RP for at
least for 10 years. We started a course in which the concentration was
on the theory of layered manufacturing and the different technologies
available -- at that time, the RP was at its infancy. The laboratory
component was for each student to produce a prototype for a simple 3D
object that he/she would design (our lab was equipped with one RP
machine - SLA 250). As the industry developed and many of the technical
problems had been resolved, the course now concentrates on the
application and the product realization. We included in the material
reverse engineering (RE) as well . The course now is named as
"Prototyping and Product realization" . The course is supported by lab.
which includes 3 RP machines, and 3 devices for RE (FARO arm and 3D
optical scanners).
The course is very popular with students majoring in Mechanical,
Material, and Aerospace Engineering.
If you need more info, communicate with me off the list.

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>>> "Anderson V. Borille" <> 5/12/2009 10:06 AM >>>
Dear RPer,
We are an institution of superior education and we are getting deeper
into additive manufacturing technologies teaching at graduation and
under graduation classes.
We would like to have some information about what are other
doing worldwide. Are they offering such classes? How deep are they
going? How much time are they using?
Thank you very much for your feed back!
Anderson V. Borille
Prototipagem Rápida
Centro de Competência em Manufatura – CCM/ITA
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