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Date: Wed Jun 10 2009 - 18:59:22 EEST

Dear All,

Please let me encourage yourselves to attend the next conference in Paris:
14th European Form on Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing
Pease visit the following website to have more details and to register
on line, this is not too late and you are very welcome
then "conferences", then "program"
It is included in this message. Please note that there is a simultaneous
translation for those you will need it.
Looking forward to welcoming you soon in Paris,
Best Regards,
Chairman of the conference

    *Wednesday June 24th, 2009*
    10h-12h30** Session 1 *
    * **
    Opening Session*

    Chairman of session : Pr. Alain Bernard (F)

    *- The Rapid Product Development and the RP in France
    - The AFPR and its actions
    - Objectives of the AEPR forum
    *Georges Taillandier, President of AFPR


    *** Digital integration on product development*
    **Pr. Alain Bernard, IRCCyN, Ecole Centrale Nantes and
    vice-President of AFPR

    *Biomanufacturing processes for tissue engineering*
    Dr. Paulo Jorge Bártolo, Centre for Rapid and Sustainable Product
    Development, Polytechnic Institute of Leiria - Portugal

    *Future challenges for Rapid Manufacturing*
    Pr. Ian Gibson, National University of Singapore

    12h30 - 14h Lunch - Exhibition

    *Session 2 : 14h-16h*
    *Innovation and Rapid Product Development *

    Chairman of session : Mr Georges Taillandier, AFPR, and Jukka Tuomi,
    Helsinki University of Technolgy

    **KEYNOTE : Implementing Incremental Sheet Forming
    Technologies as Rapid Prototyping, Tooling and Manufacturing Method
    in Industries*
    *Jukka Tuomi, BIT Research Centre, Helsinki University of Technolgy
    - Finland

    *Standardization, simulation and direct manufacturing : views of
    IRCCyN *
    Jean Yves Hascoët and Pascal Mognol, IRCCyN - France

    **Determination of Optimal Build Direction for Different Rapid
    Prototyping Applications** *
    *Stéphane Danjou and Peter Köhler, Institute of Product Engineering,
    University of Duisburg-Essen – Germany

    *RC2 Project: Reduction of cycles and costs of the design of
    metallic aircraft prototypes*
    Guillaume Vansteenkiste, François-Xavier Choblet and Olivier
    Lourdais, Pôle Européen de Plasturgie - France

    *Presentation of the dental prothesis digital process*
    Jean Michel Bertin, Edonis Dental System - France

    *Digital sculpture and cultural heritage
    *Christian Lavigne, Ars Mathematica - France

    16h - 16h30 Coffee break - Exhibition

    16h30 - 17h30 *News of providers*
    Magics e-RP: The solution for your RP&M process control and planning *
    Johan Begine, Materialise Software**

    *Impression 3D color printing : new users, new markets*
    Jany Michelet and François Arnoul, 3D Avenir
    e-manufacturing : solutions of EOS*
    André Surel, EOS France

    17h30 - 18h AFPR Trophees
    *Presentations of winning projects
    Jury Selection
    Trophees of Best Part, Best RP or RM Study, Best RE study and Best
    Direct Manufacturing Application*
    Animated by Georges Taillandier, President of AFPR

    18h Cocktail

    *T**hursday** June 2**5**th, 2009*

    9h - 12h30

    *Session 3 *

    *Direct Manufacturing* *(methodologies)*

    Chairman of session : Olivier Jay, Teknologisk Institut*

    *KEYNOTE : Direct production of metal parts for enhanced functionality*
    Olivier Jay, Teknologisk Institut - Danemark

    *Hybrid Layered Manufacturing of Metallic Objects
    *K.P. Karunakaran, S. Suryakumar - Inde and A. Bernard, IRCCyN - France

    *A suitable method for producing automated or semi-automated product
    designs using rapid manufacturing technologies*
    Paul Smith & Dr Allan E W Rennie, LPDU, Engineering Department,
    Lancaster University - UK

    10h30 - 11h Coffee break - Exhibition

    *Design Methodologies, Rapid Manufacturing*
    B. Providência, (1,2), J. Ciurana (1), J. Cunha, (2), M.A.F.
    Carvalho (2), F.M. Duarte (3)
    (1) Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Girona - Spain
    (2) Textile Engineering Department, University of Minho - Portugal
    (3) Polymer Engineering Department, University of Minho - Portugal

    **Design and Direct Manufacturing : *A new approach to the series of
    *François Brument, In-Flexions et ESADSE (Ecole Supérieure d’Art et
    de Design de St-Etienne) - France

    *Implementation of direct additive laser construction process
    *(CLAD® - Construction Laser Additive Directe)*. Preparation of
    models using the PowerCLAD software.
    *Didier Boisselier, Simon Sankare, IREPA-LASER - France

    12h30 - 14h Lunch - Exhibition

    14h - 18h *Session 4

    * *Direct Manufacturing* *(technologies)*

    Chairman of session : Franck Henryroux, Dassault Aviation**
    KEYNOTE : Experimental investigation of Laser Surface Remelting for
    the improvement of Selective Laser Melting Process*
    **Jean-Pierre Kruth, Evren Yasa and Jan Deckers, Catholic University
    of Leuven - Belgique
    Optimization of injection tooling by laser melting*
    Guillaume Vansteenkiste, François-Xavier Choblet and Olivier
    Lourdais, Pôle Européen de Plasturgie - France
    Influence of initial powder properties and SLM process parameters on
    Direct Laser Assisted Fabrication of 3D parts from 17-4 PH
    martensitic steel powder
    *Maria Averyanova, Philippe Bertrand, Igor Smurov, ENISE et Benoît
    Verquin, CETIM - France
    Influence of the rate of carbon on cobalt base alloy parts*
    Lucas Dembinski, Christian Coddet, LERMPS-UTBM, Alexis Vion, Jean
    Jacques Bertrand, BV Proto, Eric Baustert et France Desjonquière, MB
    Proto - France

    16h - 16h30 Coffee break - Exhibition
    Influence of the atmosphere on stainless steel and TA6V part during
    Charles Bernage, Lucas Dembinski, Christian Coddet, LERMPS-UTBM - France
    Mechanical properties of samples fabricated by Selective Laser Melting*
    Igor Yadroitsev, Philippe Bertrand et Igor Smurov, ENISE - France
    Direct manufacturing of Titanium and Aluminum parts using selective
    laser meting*
    Stephane Abed, Poly-Shape & Centre des matériaux ENSMP - France

    18h - Conclusion
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