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From: Yasser Hosni <>
Date: Thu Jun 11 2009 - 22:33:11 EEST

Combining 3D scanning with RP is not a new idea. What is relatively new is the advances in both fields that made the integration useful and easy to be used by practitioners. I recall that 12 years ago we had a project with Egypt to reverse enginee (RE)r through 3D scanning vital spare parts for some Russian machinery where the original drawings were not available. It took us 6 months to RE a bevel gear with poor accuracy. Similar experience with pump impeller was equally poor. At that time we used a combination of traditional measurements and "Cyberware" scanner. Since then the industry have advanced a long way that enabled free hand 3D scanning with high precision and at a lower cost.
The product cycle is shrinking with high rate as a result of advances in these technologies.

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Combining Digital Capture ( scanning ) with Additive Rapid Prototyping is
being done in lots of companies. We will be happy to discuss how this is
done, so, if you want to have a phone discussion please let us know.
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Robert, Wow!
The technology has come a long way.
Anyone else using these things?
Thanks, Tom Richards, Metallurgist

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     I just saw an article from the July issue of Popular Mechanics
featuring Rapid Prototyping. It is Jay Leno's column. The link is:
Have a great day.
Robert Jaquiss
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