[rp-ml] Customer feedback from a fishing lure generated with 3D design and RP masters

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Date: Sun Jun 14 2009 - 15:51:35 EEST

The following is an email from a customer who used the GotStryper bait that Chatham Research designed using a 3D design package and FDM master patterns.? We thought that this feedback might be of interest to the list.

assume the Got Stryper plastics we bought at Goose Hummock are your product. (email to GotStryper)

My friends and I fish the Cape a couple of times a year.? We're all
smallmouth bass guides from the Potomac region near D.C. with Cape roots.?
Some of us have moved on from that career and dispersed (I live in Minnesota
now.)?? We had good fishing last year with Hogy baits, and this year
began throwing your Got Strypers.? The fish were very active, and certainly
were on most any of the big plastics, but the durability and color choices of
the Got Strypers were fantastic.? We're all believers now.? I found
the angle-cut popping action very effective when the fish were less aggressive,
or when the lure had been beat up from the original rigging.?

This year we found the best fishing around Race Point.? I'm curious about
your take on why the big plastic is so effective for the 30-40 inch class up
there.? We consistently marked fish 20-30 feet down in 40 feet, then
pulled them to the surface for multiple violent topwater strikes.? I found
fresh big tinker mackerel (or maybe Boston mackerel?) in the gut of several big
fish this year--do you think the aggressive response to the Got Strypers on the
surface is related to those fish feeding on mackerel?

We also found big groups of 150-200 pound class bluefins surface feeding on
zooplankton in Provincetown Harbor; a couple of those fish are now wearing a
13-inch Got Stryper as jewelry (we were not prepared for such big tunas and
were only geared for schoolies.? It was fun, though brief.)

Also, I'm curious about your rigging tactics.? We experimented with
several approaches, but wonder what you recommend.

I plan to throw the 13-incher up here for muskies.? I know it will work,
and outperform the big muskie plastics that are becoming popular.? Those
baits are very bulky and hard to work; I think yours will be a good
compromise.? Once I have some results (season opens today, actually) I'll
let you know, and maybe you can work up some alternate packaging/naming for the
big ones and do some marketing here.

We were very pleased with the results and can't wait for the next opportunity to
use your stuff, so keep up the good work.? When our next trip is settled
I'll get back to you so maybe we can buy direct."


Dave Motes
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