RE: [rp-ml] 3D scanning of insects

From: Ingrid Weber <>
Date: Tue Jun 23 2009 - 11:40:23 EEST

Dear Javier,

If you would like to generate an RP model of the louse, I would recommend
MicroCT scanning and then image processing in software like Simpleware. We
have actually done a similar project with a beetle head (5mm) and it came
out nicely in a SkyScan MicroCT scanner - you can have a look at the example
on our website:

If your colleague can get a hold of a scanner, we are happy to help with the
image reconstruction.

Best regards,

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Dear list

A colleague of mine is working on an art-science Project and one of
the interests is to perform a precise 3D acquisition of a ?head
louse?, a scary insect when zoomed in, for a no less scary project: P

Do you know any 3D scanning technique or apparatus that offers that
precision (bug size between 1-4mm) or is it only possible by micro
tomography and other medical type techniques?
All answers off/ online welcome :D we´re loated in Barcelona, Spain



Javier Munguía
Technical University of Catalonia
Depto de Ingeniería de Proyectos
AV. Diagonal 647 Edificio ETSEIB
Planta 10, Barcelona
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