Re: [rp-ml] texturing on 3D data

From: Stewart Dickson <>
Date: Wed Jul 29 2009 - 16:36:59 EEST


I have thought about this problem for a long time. In short, this is a
research problem.
Representing texturing in computer graphics via a binary image-map is a
practical response to a fundamental Level-of-Detail (L.o.D.)
<> problem.

The complete solution is to support evaluation of Displacement-Mapping
<> in the R-P slicer.
Short of that, extensible, programmable rendering languages, such as
Pixar's RenderMan <> can actually perform
this slicing in three-space, complete with displacement-mapping and will
produce the slices as a set of binary images.

Once upon a time, the RIKEN Institute in Japan developed a slice-wise
interface to the Z-Corp. Z406 color 3D printer. Alas, if only Z-Corp,
itself would only support such a feature, then you could certainly
evaluate displacement mapping using RenderMan as the slicer.

Sadly, without such support in software from the R-P vendors, we're
reduced to generating Copious Mesh Data
by explicitly evaluating surface displacement maps in Alias-
<>Wavefront AutoDesk (D'oh!) Maya
which will support this. The problem here is that displacement shaders
are typically defined on NURBS
<> models and
polygon meshes tessellated from NURBS models are rarely stitched,
particularly displacement shading is typically not stitched across NURBS

Take a look at this: Rhino Displacement tools
-- I haven't used Rhino <> in about 10
years, but it is popular among digital sculptors
<> and it is stitching-cognizant.

Evaluating displacement maps is integral to surface subdivision, however
displacement mapping in subdivision surface representation
<> is not as mature as
it is in NURBS modeling.

Good luck!

-Stewart Dickson, Visualization Reseaqrch Programmer, Illinois Simulator
Beckman Institute - South Facility, Room 12
2100 S. Goodwin Urbana, IL 61801
Ph: 217-333-3923 Fax: 217-244-1827

vinod wrote:
> Hello RPML users
> Does any one know how to do the texuring on solid file. is anyone
> having experience in editing texture to STL data?
> Best Regards
> John
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