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This is kind of similar to the LOM technology used in the Kira system but with different specifics (not laser printing based but also using blade cutting). It might be good to get a 'refresher' as to what kinds of LOM systems are still out there. A few other ones I have heard about are Solidica and Solido (talk about easy to confuse names), but don't know much about these or how much they cost. I guess (based on the videos cited below) the Mcor machines are about $24,000. What do people think of this price point? I'd like to know, in practice, how much it costs to make parts (per volume) after accounting for supplies and maintenance? I guess the only slightly expensive component might be the tungsten blades (but I think these would be less than $10 each). Also what is the thickness of regular paper (about .004")? One thing I do wish, though, is that companies and researchers would stop using the term "revolutionary" to describe everything they do - it kind of defeats the purpose of the term, doesn't it!? Maybe we should ban its use more than once a year in any given field! Anyway, always happy to hear about ALL the "revolutions" coming our way (by the way, what DID happen to all those flying cars?) G. Sachs Paradyme Systems --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Liam MacGinley <rapiditup_at_yahoo.com> To: rp-ml_at_rapid.lpt.fi Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 7:46:40 AM Subject: [rp-ml] I've been surprised that no one has mentioned ... Hi List Mcor Technologies seem to be moving forward and are getting a lot of press here, national TV etc. They also came in the top 5 in IT corporate hardware category at the World Technology Awards in NY a few weeks ago! They have some interesting videos on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/McorTechnologies Have read that they will release a new version of the Matrix at TCT this year – the Matrix 300 will be smaller and faster…. Interesting times ahead. Liam MacGinley The University of Dublin Ireland ________________________________ From:owner-rp-ml_at_rapid.lpt.fi [mailto:owner-rp-ml_at_rapid.lpt.fi] On Behalf Of G. Sachs Sent: 18 August 2009 18:17 To: rp-ml_at_rapid.lpt.fi Subject: [rp-ml] I've been surprised that no one has mentioned ... Also, haven't heard much more about this one (similar in size), even though they still seem to be moving forward: http://www.mcortechnologies.com/ ________________________________ From: "EdGrenda_at_aol.com" <EdGrenda_at_aol.com> To: rp-ml_at_rapid.lpt.fi Sent: Tuesday, August 18, 2009 10:05:15 AM Subject: [rp-ml] I've been surprised that no one has mentioned ... Good Morning: I've been surprised that no one has mentioned that Desktop Factory is closing its doors. I've waited to post assuming others would. Here's an article on our site, and it has links to DTF's announcement and other news stories: http://home.att.net/~rpml/inr/inr516.htm Let the speculation begin! Ed Ed Grenda Castle Island Co. EdGrenda_at_aol.com (email) The Worldwide Guide to Rapid Prototyping http://home.att.net/~castleisland/
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