[rp-ml] RP Costs over time

From: G. Sachs <sachsg_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Wed Sep 16 2009 - 18:56:37 EEST

Does anyone know where I can get some concise info about how costs for RP have changed over time (since 1990's)? I would like to know how the average costs for machines and consumables have changed (or not changed) and how the costs for typical parts may have changed. It occurred to me that I cannot answer such questions when asked. Does anyone know how this has changed over the last 20 years? Have costs gone dramatically lower or are they just slightly lower when figuring everything in? Would like to get a better idea of where RP currently stands from a "bangs for buck" standpoint, compared with when it started out, so next time I am asked, I can give some better answers. Anyone know where I could find a chart or something like that?

G. Sachs
Paradyme Systems
Received on Wed Sep 16 18:49:29 2009

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