[rp-ml] Seeking Employment

From: Prototype Technician <rapidtechnician_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed Sep 16 2009 - 21:05:20 EEST

Good afternoon RPML, I am a RP machine operator recently laid off and
looking to stay in the RP industry. I have 10 years plus experience in the
rp field of SLA and SLS. I have had the opportunity to learn from large and
small companies which has given me some very well rounded knowledge of rp
and has made me into a smart worker and a great team player. I know a fair
amount of companies are having a hard time and a fair amount are starting
to see change so any information is helpful. If I have to start off from the
bottom again then so be it. I have a resume and will forward it on

Thanks again RPML members for your time and have a great day....
Darryl Cummins
253 670 4217
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