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YES! A $750 fabber. That's what I'm talking about. And it's even been used
to make jewelry!


Thanks for this article, Ed.


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Hi Everyone:


A very interesting article appeared yesterday on the front page of the Wall
St. Journal:


Tinkering Makes Comeback Amid Crisis

By Justin Lahart


The gist is that a new wave of innovation is starting based on students'
intensifying interest in the more tangible aspects of design. Hacker spaces
are sprouting like mushrooms after the rain and the RP progeny of one them,
MakerBot Industries, is shipping CupCakes, like, well - cup-cakes.
According to the article they've shipped 350 kits so far.


At $750 ea that's peanuts, but it's also more than 16% of Stratasys' 2008
unit volume - and that's since April.


Try this link, but you may have to get in through Google News:



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