[rp-ml] A thesis about 3d-printing

From: <hakaka1_at_lpt.fi>
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 01:31:13 EET

Hello everybody.

I'm writing my thesis about 3d-printing. This is a totally new and
interesting area for me. My teacher told me about this mailing list
and suggested that I try asking help from here.

One major part of my thesis is going to be about the different
applications of this technology. Any information about this technology
and its different applications is appreciated. I know that it's being
used eg in industrial design, architectural design and in the
automotive industry.

What I lack are examples. Do you know any newspaper/magazine articles
about 3d-printing?

Another big part of my thesis is about the cheap alternatives such as
Reprap, Makerbot and Fab@Home. I think these three examples are enough
but if there is a project that I should mention then please tell me.

Well, thank you in advance.
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