RE: [rp-ml] A thesis about 3d-printing

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 03:49:11 EET

Hi, you might want to check out the discussion of applications at . It was written some time ago, but unfortunately
has not yet become outdated.

Marshall Burns wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I'm writing my thesis about 3d-printing. This is a totally new and
> interesting area for me. My teacher told me about this mailing list and
> suggested that I try asking help from here.
> One major part of my thesis is going to be about the different
> applications of this technology. Any information about this technology
> and its different applications is appreciated. I know that it's being
> used eg in industrial design, architectural design and in the automotive
> industry.
> What I lack are examples. Do you know any newspaper/magazine articles
> about 3d-printing?
> Another big part of my thesis is about the cheap alternatives such as
> Reprap, Makerbot and Fab@Home. I think these three examples are enough
> but if there is a project that I should mention then please tell me.
> Well, thank you in advance.
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