[rp-ml] How to unsubscribe from the mailing list. IMPORTANT!

From: Seppo J Niemi <zaphod_at_ameba.lpt.fi>
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 15:23:01 EET

Dear All,

if you wish to stop receiving these emails from the rp-ml, carefully
read this whole message and act accordingly!

Several times over the past few months, I have been receiving
complaints from various computer security organizations, stating that
rapid.lpt.fi is a source of spam and I should take measures to stop
it. Every time it has turned out to be perfectly normal rp-ml emails
that, for some reason I completely fail to understand, have been
reported as spam.

Because rp-ml messages only propagate to addresses already on the
list, these spam complaints originate from someboby out there who does
not want to receive them any more. Pleast STOP IT right now! I
find it extremely annoying and I have grown tired of formulating
responses to these complaints. I can't just ignore them, because it
would eventually lead to rapid.lpt.fi being on various email block

If you do not want to receive emails from rp-ml, you should unsubscribe
from the list by sending a message to majordomo@rapid.lpt.fi with the
following line in the message body::

 unsubscribe rp-ml your.address@your.domain

(Please make sure to turn off HTML formatting in your email client,
because the list management software expects plain text only and barfs
on anything else. (Besides, HTML in emails is a very bad
idea in general.))

If the automatic unsubscription process fails for you, you can send a
request to zaphod@lpt.fi (that's me) so I can manually remove your
address from the list. In the request you should mention the original
address you used when subscribing to the list. It will also help if
you attach a complete copy (with full headers) of an email you have
received from rp-ml.

Whatever you do, <shout>DO NOT REPORT RP-ML MESSAGES AS SPAM! EVER!</shout>

Seppo Niemi
volunteer administrator
Received on Mon Nov 16 15:16:49 2009

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