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From: Ulf Lindhe <>
Date: Mon Nov 16 2009 - 21:12:21 EET

Hi Greg,


Being in the business of providing innovative software within the cutting
edge industry of Additive Manufacturing I was really keen to test Google
Wave. I recently got invited and began testing Google Wave a few days ago so
it is still too early to draw any conclusions. It looks cool though, it is
fun testing it and it is a bit different. Major drawback is that I have very
few friends surfing the google wave yet which is obviously a serious
obstacle when testing a new communication tool. There are public catalogues
with other test users though. I do not have any invitations to give out but
there are people who distribute invitations, I got mine from @barl0w on
twitter. He might have invitations left.


I hope you are able to get an invitation and when you do please contact me
again and we can exchange experiences of being on the wave. While surfing
the google wave I can be reached If there are
others on this mailing list using Google Wave, please feel free to contact
me too.


Just call or email me directly if you have any questions about getting up
and going on the wave.


Good luck and see you on the wave!


Best regards,

Ulf Lindhe

Business Development Manager

netfabb GmbH


Cell: +46 704 93 56 80



Twitter: @netfabb





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I am wondering if anyone is using
<> Google WAVE? If you are,
what do you think about it and would you please send me an invitation?

Best Regards
Greg Pettengill

Cote' Art & Engineering, Inc.
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(321)269-7587 Cell

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