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Cory Doctorow just released a sci-fi novel called "Makers", imagining a
(somewhat bleak) vision of the future which among other things includes lots
of 3D printers used to make copies of every conceivable product,
transforming the factory economy into the garage economy.

I haven't read it yet, so make your own judgment - just thought the
subject matter would be interesting to this crowd. And you can apparently
download it for free from Doctorow's site - _
( .

Scott Schube

Hi Scott:
I was surprised to see that the novel sparked an opinion piece in the Wall
Street Journal yesterday:
Technology Is Stranger Than Fiction
Best-selling writer Cory Doctorow on change and its discontents.
" ...Consider the world of "Makers," the latest by best-selling writer Cory
 Doctorow. This novel is set in a not-too distant future, when the creative
 destruction of technological change has created an economy so efficient,
with profit margins so thin, that traditional companies can hardly stay in
business. ..."

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