[rp-ml] 3D printing software.

From: Bruce Stevens <b.stevens_at_griffith.edu.au>
Date: Thu Nov 26 2009 - 03:13:14 EET

Hello all,

This is my first post to this list.

Our workshop has recently purchased a Objet 260V 3D printer, and will be
installed shortly.

I/We have never used one of these before but we have done quite a bit of
2D and 3D Cad Cam work. Currently we use MasterCam X2 for our drawing
development and CNC toolpath generation. MasterCam can save these files in
a STL format but that's it.

The printer will only be used by the workshops R&D staff (no students), we
are not looking at using the printer for the production of items, only for

I am seeking some advice on what software I should be looking at to
manipulate the STL files before being sent to the printer. Objet have
there own "Objet Studio™ Software", and I have looked at "MiniMagics".
Like all software packages their are good ones and some not so good. So if
you could suggest a few that you are using with success that meets the
basic requirements below, please drop me a line or a link to a web page.

Ease of use, most important. We currently run a number of software
packages, and the easier they are to learn the better.
Cost effective, I don't want to pay for a lots of bells and whistles we
will never use.
Can be loaded onto a sever if required.
A good help file

Regards & thanks

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