RE: [rp-ml] Mobile 2D/3D CAD Viewing Software

From: Chris DASI Solutions <>
Date: Mon Dec 21 2009 - 19:50:38 EET

Regarding your question of viewing 3D CAD models on a portable device, I
recommend you look into a product called '3DVIA Composer'. 3DVIA is the name
for the whole suite of products; 'COMPOSER' is the specific product you
should look into. SolidWorks resellers in your area carry this product and
should be able to help you out. I've attached a link that allows you to
download an app for your i-Phone just for the purpose you inquired about.


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Anybody aware of a good way to view 2D or 3D CAD on a mobile device such
as an iPhone?

I just tried emailing myself a 3D pdf and the 3D functionality is disabled.

Is there a good way to get ACAD dwg dimensioned drawings and or 3D Cad
onto this device in an interactive way?

Currently my thinking is that one can email a "2D" pdf of the
dimensioned drawings or simply take screenshots and upload them to the
phone as jpg.

Anything new in this arena?


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