RE: [rp-ml] STL file of a card holder with a hinge

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Date: Wed Dec 23 2009 - 16:54:45 EET


You should take a look at the EdenT or ConnexT from ObjetT Geometries.
They specialize in multi-material RP machines that are a perfect fit for
hinges. You can build a very accurate, solid frame for the hinge -AND-
during the same build apply a flexible material in the hinge location.
There are 11 different materials to choose from, including blending of
different materials to fit your exact needs. Try looking up your local
ObjetT sales office and contact them for .STL models. I'm sure they would
be very happy to assist you.






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Subject: [rp-ml] STL file of a card holder with a hinge


Hello everyone,


I am working on the design-material-process properties of hinges and I found
a card-holder which has a mechanical hinge (made on a FDM Stratasys machine)
but unfortunately I don't have the STL file for it. I would be grateful if
someone could send it to me.


I am also looking for any other information (design features, problematic
areas, materials, etc) you could give me regarding hinges made by AM






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