Re: [rp-ml] Detroit Bomber STL File

From: Stewart Dickson <>
Date: Mon Jan 04 2010 - 17:56:28 EET

Have you ever been into a Looxis3D store? ->
Actually, as I think about it, the Looxis scanner might be pretty good
-- it faithfully captured my father-in-law's straw hat that he was
wearing as he was scanned. In Graz, Austria.

But, there are some competing concerns whose scanners are much worse.

There exist some very 'cheesy' (E.g., not very accurate) Methods for
mapping a photograph of a person's face onto a 3D mesh,
which makes extreme assumptions about the structure of human faces, in
general -- not the actual 3D geometry of a specific person's face. They
are using these methods to construct 2- and 3-view "mugshots" (front and
profile views) from security camera images.

Big Brother is reconstructing you.



Saima Elahi wrote:
> How on earth, can you get an STL file of the person without a face scan.
> I would REALLY like to know that??!!
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> Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 18:47:09 -0500
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> Subject: [rp-ml] Detroit Bomber STL File
> Faceto3d has created an STL file for the Detroit Bomber from Nigeria
> who has been in the news for the past week.
> If you would like a complimentary copy of the file, please respond
> with you request to <>.
> Jack
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