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From: G. Sachs <>
Date: Mon Jan 04 2010 - 19:02:16 EET

Is this REALLY the best way to start the new year?? IMO, anyone thinking that it's perfectly OK to take the time to model, fabricate and/or "peddle" the likeness of a TERRORIST - is just plain nuts (sorry for being so blunt)! Why would anyone (in their right mind) want to, in any way, enshrine a terrorist or even offer others an image of them - for any purpose (even to burn in effigy)? And I don't think the RPML should become overly concerned about encouraging freedom of "commercial speech". I also agree with Greg P. that it also shouldn't get too obsessed with trying to come up with catchy new phrases for RP, instead of focusing on its underlying science/technology. And to those trying to (pathetically) make lemonaid out of this 'lemon of a posting', why not just change the heading and start off a fresh discussion of how to model facial images?

So, NO, I don't want an STL file of the "Detroit Bomber" (But I might like something a little more positive to start the new year related to Detroit, like maybe something along the lines of a new car or engine STL).

G. Sachs
Paradyme Systems

From: Marshall Burns <>
Cc: Sebastien Bailard <>;
Sent: Sun, January 3, 2010 11:23:11 PM
Subject: RE: [rp-ml] Detroit Bomber STL File

This complaint is inappropriate. Other people have used this list to offer
STL files to the members. People even occasionally put up commercial
notices, such as for conferences, offering machines for sale, etc. All of
that is appropriate. I do wonder about the tastefulness of offering an STL
file of a man facing criminal charges, but such questions of taste should
not incur censorship here.


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Flagged as unsolicited commercial email.

Moderators, could you deal with this?
Jack, could you get your own soapbox, or dare I suggest, _pay_ to put up
some online ads? Blogs are cheap. This list's time is not.

-Sebastien Bailard

On January 3, 2010 06:47:09 pm Jack sent the following unsolicited
commercial email:
> Faceto3d has created an STL file for the Detroit Bomber from Nigeria who
has been in the news for the past week.
> If you would like a complimentary copy of the file, please respond with
you request to
> Jack
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