RE: [rp-ml] Detroit Bomber STL File

From: Marshall Burns <>
Date: Mon Jan 04 2010 - 19:28:06 EET

Very interesting comment, Greg. Given the history of cave drawing, marble
sculpture, painting on canvas, the printing press, photography, video tape,
the Internet, and every other communication medium known to man and woman,
there is no question that the popular advent of fabbers will come along with
applications in pornography, both legal and illegal. In ten or 15 years,
we'll probably have prosecutors across the country arresting high school
kids for 3D sexting. (Don't trust the timing of my predictions; they've been
dreadfully off before.)






From: Greg []
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Please explain to me how something can effectively be "banned" on the RPLM?

This incident has me wondering how long it will be before pornography
(perhaps this is the equivalent?) shows up here. IMHO it would not improve
the RPML or reflect well on the AM industry in general if a significant
number of us condone it.

Best Regards
Greg Pettengill


On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 11:06 AM, Brock Hinzmann <> wrote:

I am guessing the 3-D "scan" of the Nigerian Bomber's head is no more than a
caricature, as other bobble head caricatures have been. Over the years, such
offers have been more or less offensive to one person or another on the
list, no doubt, but at least they have been on topic, in terms of the
ability to make a copy on the types of machines the RP-ML discusses. If you
want to ban this one, you need to go back and ban all of the other ones.

As for being a waste of my time, it is less so than all of the phony
Nigerian e-mails I get asking me to act as an agent in a
multi-million-dollar scheme to launder money, which e-mail has made
annoyingly easier to send than 30 years ago, when they arrived in the
regular mail. Perhaps I have just developed a thick skin that allows these
things to bounce off.


Brock Hinzmann


Greg wrote:


With all due respect, I disagree with you. As it appears to me now,
Sebastien's "complaint" is far more appropriate than the hawking of
tasteless and offensive wares.

Although Sebastien may be a little naive about how the RPML (are we going
to have to change the name to AMML?) functions in situations like this, I
feel he acted in a reasonable and responsible manner. He went so far as to
offer suggestions for alternative and more appropriate venues.
 Best Regards
Greg Pettengill

Cote' Art & Engineering, Inc.

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On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 11:23 PM, Marshall Burns <
<>> wrote:

   This complaint is inappropriate. Other people have used this list
   to offer
   STL files to the members. People even occasionally put up commercial
   notices, such as for conferences, offering machines for sale, etc.
   All of
   that is appropriate. I do wonder about the tastefulness of
   offering an STL
   file of a man facing criminal charges, but such questions of taste
   not incur censorship here.

   Marshall <>

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   Flagged as unsolicited commercial email.

   Moderators, could you deal with this?
   Jack, could you get your own soapbox, or dare I suggest, _pay_ to
   put up
   some online ads? Blogs are cheap. This list's time is not.

   -Sebastien Bailard

   On January 3, 2010 06:47:09 pm Jack sent the following unsolicited
   commercial email:
> Faceto3d has created an STL file for the Detroit Bomber from
   Nigeria who
   has been in the news for the past week.
> If you would like a complimentary copy of the file, please
   respond with

   you request to <>.
> Jack

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