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Date: Mon Jan 04 2010 - 23:37:20 EET

Marshall is correct here.
This forum is for the discussion of RP technology, not to decide how or who
 uses it.
We cannot infuse morality, politics, taste, or other restrictions into
technical discussions.
The bomber file may be in bad taste, or maybe someone wants to print one
and blow it up on YouTube.
Some suggest concerns about the porn industry invading the RP-ML.
Too late, Pollyanna, they are here.
Business is business, and parts is parts.
Porn is a huge industry, and they have been adaptors/innovators in RP for
many years.
Those of us marketing the equipment, know this very well.
We record these customers in industry codes for "entertainment", "consumer
products", "recreational products", "medical devices".
An ultra-sound probe looks the same as a dildo to a 3D Printer.
Peek in the window of an adult toy store, forget the products, just look at
 the scope of the packaging.
Every bottle, jar, and clamshell package and tooling were prototyped on an
RP machine.
The military and warfare industries have been a big part of the RP-ML
without concern of how they apply the technology.
Let's keep the discussion open, except for blatant advertising.
I think I will print the bomber and burn it in effigy, just to show I can.
Glen Chancellor
RG Technologies
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This complaint is inappropriate. Other people have used this list to offer
STL files to the members. People even occasionally put up commercial
notices, such as for conferences, offering machines for sale, etc. All of
that is appropriate. I do wonder about the tastefulness of offering an STL
file of a man facing criminal charges, but such questions of taste should
not incur censorship here.


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Flagged as unsolicited commercial email.

Moderators, could you deal with this?
Jack, could you get your own soapbox, or dare I suggest, _pay_ to put up
some online ads? Blogs are cheap. This list's time is not.

-Sebastien Bailard

On January 3, 2010 06:47:09 pm Jack sent the following unsolicited
commercial email:
> Faceto3d has created an STL file for the Detroit Bomber from Nigeria who
has been in the news for the past week.
> If you would like a complimentary copy of the file, please respond with
you request to
> Jack
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