Re: [rp-ml] free STL Files and other things we wish for in the new year

From: G. Sachs <>
Date: Tue Jan 05 2010 - 02:25:03 EET

So what's stopping YOU Stewart? ________________________________ From: Stewart Dickson <> To: G. Sachs <> Cc: Sent: Mon, January 4, 2010 5:40:48 PM Subject: Re: [rp-ml] free STL Files and other things we wish for in the new year Good-looking, easy to use & affordable Stereo-Viewing standards & accessories for TV and computers -- It would be a drop-kick to put a second camera into a cameraphone. The Stereo end-Viewer is the critical part for success, in my opinion. Maybe slightly more tricky to control is inter-ocular 3D scene view convergence in a camera-phone. Digital cameras are tending toward "pinhole" cameras with "infinite" focus-depth and hence no focus-plane. 3D geometry from-Stereo is yet a bit less robust. Google "Street-View" is what we used to call QuickTime-VR and has been used as a basis for the design of some computer games ("Zork-II: Nemesis" -- I worked on it.) It requires a motorized camera tripod rotator head synchronized over an interface to the camera frame control. How far are we from LIDAR in a camera-phone? Is a DVD-RW laser big enough for LIDAR? Honestly, retail companies like Looxis will build glass blocks from 3D data files you supply. Why not set up a custom portrait-sculpture franchise in tandem with a company like Looxis? Minolta makes 3D scanners. They only need to evolve to the Digital-SLR camera scale before you have a lot of consumer-created 3D input content looking for the output medium. --Stewart Dickson (c) 2010 (Some rights reserved) G. Sachs wrote: > >So what kinds of "great" things would consumers do with their >dirt-cheap RP machines? What they do with their studio grade still and >video cameras? What they do with their Cray-supercomputer class >computers (which I would have killed for in the 70's)? No, I think you >may have too much optimism and faith for how people end up using >powerful tools (like TV) and how long their interest in such things >lasts. My guess is that the 'attention span' for cheap RP machines >would be about 1-month (in the 21st century) - then on to the next >'cheap thrill'. Cheap is not what is really needed to get increased >interest in RP - new visions about what is possible, especially in >terms of creating (real, meaningful and well paying) jobs, may be much >more important. I'm kind of tired of cheap thrills (and conferences), >it may be time for everyone to get back to work and really 'do >something' (as Steve Jobs might say). > >>G. Sachs > > > > ________________________________ From: >George W. Hart <> >To: >Sent: Mon, January 4, >2010 1:57:09 PM >Subject: Re: [rp-ml] >Detroit Bomber STL File > >> To extend Marshall's point, I'll opine that it wouldn't necessarily >be a bad thing if some killer app involving human sexuality is what it >takes to get the economies of scale jump started, so that RP machine >prices drop into the consumer appliance price range. > >>(But let's *not* brainstorm ideas for such apps here on this forum.) > >>George > > >>P.S. My coolest RP sculpture yet: (kid-safe, don't worry) > > > > >>Marshall Burns wrote: >>> Very interesting comment, Greg. Given the history of cave drawing, >marble sculpture, painting on canvas, the printing press, photography, >video tape, the Internet, and every other communication medium known to >man and woman, there is no question that the popular advent of fabbers >will come along with applications in pornography, both legal and >illegal. In ten or 15 years, we’ll probably have prosecutors across the >country arresting high school kids for 3D sexting. (Don’t trust the >timing of my predictions; they’ve been dreadfully off before.) > > > >
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