[rp-ml] Biological Equivalency?

From: Goetz, Herbert J <goetz_at_fvtc.edu>
Date: Wed Jan 06 2010 - 21:28:38 EET

Money is no more than a representative of the assigned intrinsic value commonly used and widely accepted by our species as a whole. Yes, I agree, there have been many forms of exchange mediums throughout history and lives have been taken and lost over the possession of "it", but it was, and always will be, present.

I would be interested to know how a society without a value system, tangible or intangible, would look? I recognize not everyone has identical value systems (and this is where is gets a bit sticky because a value system, per se, does not necessarily reflect a monetary one; but ones value system may be out of balance with their perception of what the possession of money brings) but to suggest utopia can be brought about by the abolition of "money" is a stretch.

Anyway, my point wasn't to opine on value systems. It was to suggest that there may be a biological equivalent to money: food - or is that too esoteric? :)

Food - a material that provides living things nutrients in exchange for energy and growth.
Money - a medium of exchange used as the measure of the value of goods and services. (or energy and growth)

And remember, "misuse and abuse does not call for disuse but proper use".
But again, who will define "proper"? ugh, round and round it goes!

Herbert Goetz

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There is no biological equivalent of money.

Dear Adrian:

You may be right about that. I sure can't think of one.

But I can't think of one for advanced language, writing, art, water heaters, computers, radio or Google - and a lot of other things, either. It's frightening.

Please advise.


Ed Grenda
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