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Happy new year.
While it is a fascinating discussion, let us not get carried away on all this. All comments are valid each in its own merit. My simple question, why do we need a biological equivalence to money?. Money is a "man-made" entity which is meant to find a single "unit-of-exchange" for various forms of energy (services, materials, efforts, activities, ..etc. ) with varying units. The beauty of money as a unit is that it is storable, dynamic and is based in its "utility" to its receiver. If tomorrow, it becomes feasible to produce money (forgery or counterfeit) something else - nonproduceable - will be generated, and it will still be based on the same utility theory! After all the "birth" can be viewed as a goodly reproduction managed by beings.
Keep it going,
Yasser Hosni

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I believe you are entirely wrong on this point, as well, Adrian, but I'd have to delve deep into my 'mental data bank' to give you some good examples (over the years I accumulate a lot of seemingly random and unconnected facts because, occasionally, this has paid off for me) but, certainly DNA exchange, might count as one of the most fundamental and low-level forms of currency exchange, the currency in this case being 'BENEFICIAL biological information'. Many creatures have been known to go far and wide to instinctively acquire the best and most 'valuable' biological information. And, more to the point, every time humans have thought they were exceptional in one way or another compared to other animals and certainly plants (though I know some people who, in an intelligence match with plants, might not fair so well!), we have found that this hubris was inappropriate. We still have lots to learn from our plant and animal ancestors (we share over 60% of our DNA with plants!)

In biology too, you only seem to get what you PAY for!

G. Sachs
Paradyme Systems U.S.A.

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There is no biological equivalent of money.
Dear Adrian:
You may be right about that. I sure can't think of one.
But I can't think of one for advanced language, writing, art, water heaters, computers, radio or Google - and a lot of other things, either. It's frightening.
Please advise.

Ed Grenda
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