[rp-ml] Money

From: José Joaquín Prieto Cruz <arquiblindajes_at_telecorp.net.co>
Date: Thu Jan 07 2010 - 02:16:56 EET

Ok guys may be the next REP RAP print and do or strud paper money
dollras or libras for ever you want .
Is good .
But the capitalism , the comunism and all the economies have erros but
the form to see and compair all the way , in the economical life , you
can change later or not.
The time have the answer .
But the consciousness is very importantant in all the times and
The world need to change in all areas, economi , tecnology in all.
We need a pretty and beuatty world and not play idiots controvercy.
The DNA allwas change like the REP RAP is the true.
And every human can think diffent and to day is in this form and
tomorrow in other.
Who has the true?.

Best regardes, and happy new year 2010

2+0+1+0=3 jejejejejej

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